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Gain access to skilled professionals by outsourcing complete or a part of your financial and accounting functions, enabling savings on time and cost.

300+ Clients Served: Outsourcing And Compliances

Man working on a project, Fintaco Consultants provide Accounting Outsourcing services to businesses and industries of all sizes.

Outsourcing Services

Drive better business results and gain superior insights with our accounting tools, processes, and expertise.

Transition seamlessly to technology that removes inefficiencies and gives you greater control over your financial records as you scale.

Increase efficiency in your cash flow management. Our processes will help you run your business approach efficiently and increase profitably.

Our Engagement Models

Our models are precisely suited for the services and help define the relationship with our clients. Choosing the correct engagement model can be crucial, and we’ve determined them to reflect the range of requirements and give you greater control.

A flat fee is charged based on a predefined output and project requirements.


Expertise procured through experience.

More than a decade of experience across 15+ industries helps Fintaco provide tailored and innovative solutions ideal for your business.

Benefits You Get With Us

Two people discussing client project , benefits businesses can get with outsourcing service at Fintaco Consultants.

Scalable Solution

Our dynamic services are structured to be scalable to match your growth and business needs.

Data Security and Privacy

Our private servers eliminate data security and privacy risks to ensure business continuity and quick disaster recovery.

Expertise with Technology

With our domain expertise and technological proficiency, we empower you to improve your company’s financial health.

Extended Team

We work as an extension of your team and relieve you of the hassle of training and managing accounting staff. 

Cost Savings

Our quality accounting services reduce your overall costs (recruiting, hiring, training, physical infrastructure and others) by at least 50%, allowing you to allocate more funds to core business operations.

A Complete Solution

Fintaco helps you allow for more efficient processes by deploying solutions that match your business requirements.