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With Fintaco, you can take on board experienced leaders having a proven track record of dealing with critical business issues and transforming businesses.

300+ Clients Served: Consulting & Compliances
two women discussing client project, Fintaco provides consulting service

Our Consulting Services

We give insights into an organization’s culture, policies, and processes and assist management oversight by verifying internal controls such as operating effectiveness, risk mitigation controls, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The service strengthens a company’s operations, corporate governance, and accounting processes.

In our consulting services, we prioritize robust risk management strategies tailored to your business. We identify potential threats, mitigate risks, and implement proactive measures, ensuring your enterprise navigates uncertainties with resilience, safeguarding its growth and stability..

We meticulously assess, analyze, and verify financial information, ensuring comprehensive and accurate insights that guide sound decision-making for your business’s growth and success..

Fixed Asset Management is meticulously handled to optimize asset utilization, streamline depreciation, and ensure regulatory compliance. We specialize in developing strategies that maximize the value of your fixed assets while minimizing operational complexities, fostering efficient business growth.

Treasury Management stands as the backbone of financial efficiency. We optimize cash flow, mitigate risk, and ensure liquidity, empowering businesses to make strategic financial decisions with confidence and agility.

Our Engagement Models

Our models are precisely suited for the services and help define the relationship with our clients. Choosing the correct engagement model can be crucial, and we’ve determined them to reflect the range of requirements and give you greater control.

The fee and scope of work are pre-decided, and the final bill is calculated based on the total hours devoted.

A flat fee is charged based on a predefined output and project requirements.


Expertise procured through experience.

More than a decade of experience across 15+ industries helps Fintaco provide tailored and innovative solutions ideal for your business.

Benefits You Get With Us

consulting service

Expert Opinion On Business Needs

Drive sustainable business growth with our strategic insights and sound decision-making capabilities.

Access To More Extensive Information

Avoid costly lapses by accessing available information and data points and getting expert recommendations.


Quickly identify potential challenges and opportunities through our unbiased business assessment and expertise.

Customisation In Business

Succeed in competitive markets with our tailored strategies that identify gaps and deliver impactful results.

Improve Profitability And Effectiveness

Streamline your operations to improve efficiency and profitability by leveraging our rich industry experience.

Expand Your Business

Find new growth avenues with our diligent business evaluations that guide you from ideation to implementation.