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Fintaco’s staffing services offer flexibility and cost-saving while giving you access to the best global accounting talent.

300+ Clients Served: Staffing And Compliances

Staffing, Offshore staffing services at Fintaco Consultants

Our Staffing Services

Drive better business results and gain superior insights with our accounting tools, processes, and expertise.

Our Engagement Models

Our models are precisely suited for the services and help define the relationship with our clients. Choosing the correct engagement model can be crucial, and we’ve determined them to reflect the range of requirements and give you greater control.

A flat fee is charged based on a predefined output and project requirements.


Expertise procured through experience.

More than a decade of experience across 15+ industries helps Fintaco provide tailored and innovative solutions ideal for your business.

Benefits You Get With Us

Fintaco Consultants discussing client project, offshore staffing services at Fintaco Consultants.

Access to Global Talent

Gain a competitive edge by working with top-quality talent through our global pool that can fulfil your specific needs.

Improved Efficiency

Free up your internal human resources and focus on high-priority work by delegating routine tasks to our offshore staff.

Decreased Time and Cost Investment

Reduce your human resource and management burden by engaging with dedicated workers at a fraction of the cost.

Retain Control and Accountability

Manage and maintain the performance quality of your offshore staff through regular communication and feedback loops.

Continuity in Operations

Ensure round-the-clock business operations by hiring our overseas staff working in a different time zone than yours.

New Growth Opportunities

Explore expansion opportunities by scaling offshore staffing when required without investing in physical infrastructure or fixed labour costs.