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Treasury Management

Cash flow can be unsustainable without a management system to your business’ finances.

Fintaco offers tailored treasury management solutions to optimize liquidity, manage risks, and maximize returns for your organization's financial assets.

300+ Clients Served: Treasury Management

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Service Areas

Preparing the daily fund statement to identify the gross investable idle funds.

Identifying the most viable investment alternatives through banks or institutions offering the highest rates of return.

Maintaining a contingency fund to mitigate liquidity risk and ensure the availability of cash reserves.

Monitoring the investment portfolio regularly to ascertain its performance.


Expertise procured through experience.

More than a decade of experience across 15+ industries helps Fintaco provide tailored and innovative solutions ideal for your business.

Benefits You Get with Us

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Get tailored strategies and insights to meet your financial goals with our high-quality services at competitive prices. We assist you in managing your company’s cash and liquidity for better risk management based on market factors.

Expertise and Experience

Get invaluable advice to streamline your business finances from our team of professionals that has many years of experience working across industries. They understand the criticality of treasury management and implement suitable processes for financial gains.

Optimised Strategy

Access best-in-class experts and find reliable solutions to meet your short-term and long-term corporate financial goals. We create and execute a customised investment strategy that allows your portfolio to remain sufficiently liquid and meet operating requirements.

KPI-driven Goals

Significantly improve your decision-making process with our result-oriented approach that outlines various KPIs and financial performance goals that will emerge from proper treasury management. Through regular reporting, we ensure that you remain in control of your funds.

30+ Clients

Work with a team that has successfully assisted over 30 renowned clients and helped them improve their cash flow and investment returns. We have a holistic range of services and align our strategies with your goals to ensure complete client satisfaction.